Michigan State Youth Soccer Association
Open House Sanctioning Form



An Open House shall be an activity that is formulated for the purpose of clubs to provide information including, but not limited to, associated fees, calendar commitments, training location(s), games/travel distances, tournaments, coach qualifications/assignments, etc. to interested participants (players, parents/guardians, etc.) and does not involve training or evaluation of a proposed player by the sanctioning club or a club representative.


If approved and sanctioned by MSYSA, general liability coverage at approved fields/facilities is extended.


All player trainings, assessments, open practices, etc. prior to the MSYSA Official Try-Out Date are not considered Open Houses and therefore not approved sanctioned events by MSYSA.

Open Houses must be advertised and open to all. Organizations are not permitted to guarantee roster spots to participants (verbally or in writing) prior to the MSYSA Official Try-Out Start Date.

Open Houses must comply with MSYSA Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Policies.

MSYSA Rule 2.18C (Click to Review)

MSYSA Rule 3.4 (Click to Review) 

MSYSA Rule 3.7 (Click to Review)

Open House Activities must follow established policies and procedures as determined by the MSYSA State Office.