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Background Checks

For Risk Management questions or concerns, please contact Danielle Guzman.

Any coach, assistant coach, team trainer, team manager, League President, League Delegate, League official, League representative, MSYSA administrator, MSYSA Board of Directors member, contract labor employee, or any other individual over the age of 18 seeking affiliation with MSYSA or MSYSA affiliated leagues who has direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player shall certify for Risk Management and submit a background check in order to participate MSYSA. 

Where to apply: Risk Management certification or "Background Checks" are maintained through GotSoccer.  If you need a Gotsoccer account, please contact your member League or Club to have one established on your behalf.   Do NOT create a general GotSoccer user account, this will not have MSYSA's background check information.  Your account must be created by your club or league. 

 *If you are a REFEREE, please click here for more information on submitting a background check.

What to expect: Once you've established a Gotsoccer account, log in and on the grey toolbar at the top, select "Background Checks" (in white text).  Press the grey "Submit New Report" button will begin the application.  Fill out all required fields with LEGAL identification information. Upon submission of your application, you will have the ability to view the status as it is processed. 

It takes approximately 1-3 business days to complete the background check process.  Check your status by logging back into you GotSoccer individual account and clicking the "Background Checks" button.  Once your status reads Approved in green, you may print your RM card (via the PDF link labeled "Print Card").  The "Report Number" indicated is also your RM number.  Please note that Risk Management certification is valid for two years.  The Report Number or "RM" number will change each time you recertify or reapply.

MSYSA Risk Management Policy - Effective January 22, 2018

Memo to MSYSA Leagues Regarding One (1) Year Background Check Approvals 

Social Security Number Required: All adult applicants will be required to submit a Social Security Number (SSN) in their application.  There are no exceptions. 

International Applicants: Applicants who do not have a US Social Security Number (SSN) will not be able to apply online. Such applicants should contact the MSYSA State Office for a paper application and inquire about the fee.  Processing fees vary depending on the country of origin.  Canadian background checks require a $27.75 fee per application.  International Background checks can take a week or more to process.  Paper application 

Minors: The MSYSA Risk Management system will only certify adults who are 18+ years old. If you are not at least 18 years of age on the day you apply, your application will not be processed and the $7.50 application fee will not be refunded.

Security: All your information contained in the risk management application, including your SSN, will only be used for the purposes of running a National Background Check and is required by our provider. Information is kept secure at all times utilizing a 128-bit encryption and double-password protected application; all data transfers are encrypted and all paper forms are destroyed within 60 days.

Disciplinary Action and Risk Management Report - November 2018

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