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Insurance Claim Checklist

  1. Claimant must be registered at time the injury took place
  2. Claimant's injury must have taken place on an insured field location
  3. Report of the injury must be received by the State Office either by phone or email within 7 days
  4. Claim form must be submitted and received by MSYSA State Office no later than 30 days from date of injury
  5. $500 deductible applies for all eligible claims
  6. Include a copy of Permission to Travel approval (if injury took place outside Michigan)

For insurance claims, contact Josh Sherman 

MSYSA Rule 2.9.C reads, All injuries from MSYSA or US Youth Soccer activities must be reported, in writing, to both the member organization and MSYSA within 7 days. MSYSA carries secondary medical coverage. All claims are required to first be made through each member's primary insurance carrier prior to being submitted to MSYSA. Any claims not submitted to MSYSA within 30 days will be denied.

Field Insurance / Certificate of Insurance (COIs)

To request for an insurance certificate click here (Login Required)

For more information, see the FAQs

 Goal Safety & Proper Goal Anchoring Information

Indoor Insurance

Indoor protection, as a result of indoor participation, is now provided if:

  • An MSYSA affiliated league (where players are already registered to teams), in writing to MSYSA, sanctions or endorses indoor team participation
  • An MSYSA affiliated league hosts or coordinates indoor training, games, practices, scrimmages, etc.
  • MSYSA affiliated leagues must request insurance certificates online from MSYSA in advance of player and/or team indoor participation
  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers and other Team Officials must be registered with MSYSA and must be MSYSA Risk Management Certified.
  • MSYSA will only provide secondary medical and general liability protection (indoor) for those currently registered with MSYSA.


Insurance Forms & Resources

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