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USSF Coaching License - Candidate Resources





Coaching License Reissue
Request Reissue of Coaching License ($25.00 fee may apply)
Due to significant changes in the USSF curriculum it is recommended individuals with licenses obtained prior to 2000 be re-certificated.  Licenses obtained 2011 or after are on the GotSoccer Coach Profile used to registered for the course.

USSF National E License Course Materials

Read and follow the pre-course assignments per USSF.  Estimated time investment for pre-course work can range from 3-8 hours based on prior soccer knowledge.

USSF National E License Course information, requirements and material:  
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Course prerequisites and required material to bring:

  • USSF National F License
  • Laws of the Game; Part A Assignment - Complete the US Soccer Referee Exam Modules A & B prior to the course start date.  Print and bring both Part A & Part B completion certificates
  • Laws of the Game; Part B Assignment - Write a brief report on the rationale of modified small sided game rules using the topics identified.
  • Team Management - Complete Team Management Assignments #1 and #2 prior to the course start date and bring to course.
  • Risk Management Assignment: (Concussion Awareness and Risk Management Card) - Concussion Awareness must be complete prior to the course start date.  Print and bring the HeadsUp Concussion Awareness Completion Certificate and a current Risk Management card to course. 
  • Prevention and Care Webinar - Candidates must complete webinar in order to be eligible for a National E License. 
  • Candidate Resources:  Download and review all documents in folder 
    • 2015 Fillable Session Planner:  Print and bring 4-5 blank copies to course
    • Active Observations:  Print and bring to course
    • E Practical Coaching Summary:  Print 2-3 copies and bring to course
    • E Target List Action Plan:  Print 2-3 copies and bring to course
    • Session Planner Instructions:  Print and bring to course
    • E Candidate Topics:  Review and familiarize yourself of topics prior to attending course
    • E License Candidate Guidebook:  Review prior to attending course. 
    • E License Goalkeeping Guidebook:  Review prior to attending course.

USSF National D License Course Materials

The National D License is a 36 to 40 hour course designed for the experienced coach who has already earned a National E license.

The D License course is broken into four phases:

First, Preparation Phase:
Candidates are required to complete three training session from the deliberate practice themes.  These should be completed on the US Soccer Session Planner.  In addition, coaches should complete a Self Reflection Form for each training session.

Instructional Phase:
Candidates complete a 14 to 18 hour D License course weekend.

Third, Deliberate Practice Phase:
Candidates are required to complete three assigned training sessions over a minimum 10 weeks.  It is expected that the sessions be evenly distributed through the 10 week period.  These should be completed on the US Soccer Session Planner and coaches should complete a self reflection upon completion.

Candidates are also required during this phase to complete a Face to Face meeting with a member of the Michigan Instructional Staff.  These meetings include:

  • Review of the three completed lesson plans.
  • Review of the candidates self reflections.
  • The candidate will run a 25 minute training session (stage 2 & 3) with a U13 / U14 team.
  • Candidate will receive feedback based on the training session.

Fourth, Performance Review
As part of the Performance Review candidates will take part in one practice coaching and one on-field final exam.  Please note, candidates have one full year following the deliberate practice phase to attend any performance review phase to complete the D course.

For more information and to access all online pre-course assignments & materials please visit the USSF National D License Information Page:  
Click here

D License Online Course Assignment
Complete the Online Course Assignment using the link provided on the USSF National D License Information Page.

Other useful information

  • Candidate Guidebooks: Download the D License Candidate Guidebook AND the D License Goalkeeping Guidebook.
  • US Soccer Curriculum:  Review and download all material provided.
  • D License  FAQ's:  Review all information.