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Risk Management Resources

  • US Soccer Heat & Hydration Guidelines As you prepare for activities transpiring over the summer months, please be conscious of the fact that extreme heat can impact players' health and safe play. Read memo... View the US Soccer Heat Guidelines 

    US Youth Soccer Code of Conduct Policy (link)

Player Safety:

 Goal Safety: Zach's Law
 US Youth Soccer - Concussion Notification Form
 Nutrition & Hydration
 Heat Illness Prevention
 Concussion Prevention
 MSYSA Memo- Player Concussions

Risk Management for Organizations:

 Managing the Ultimate Risk
 Incident Report (Example Only)
 Living Through a Lawsuit
 Managing the Ultimate Risk
 CPSC Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goals
 Sexual Abuse an Molestation Policies and Procedures
 Release of Liability Form (Example Only)
 Land/Facility Use Agreement
 US Youth Soccer Risk Management (Beyond Safe)
 Website Risk Management for Youth Organizations
 Creating a Culture of Safety
 Youth Soccer Insurance Claims 2012
 Risk Management Aspects of Running a Soccer Tournament
 MSYSA League Memo- Goal Safety

Coaches and Parents: 

Steps to Link Risk Management to GotSoccer Account 
Soccer In a Digital World 
Positive Parenting
Soccer Coaches Safety Checklist
Severe Weather Information
CDC - Heads Up Concussion In Youth Sports 
Lightning Safety Outdoors
Hotel Safety Tips for Tournaments 
Lightning Safety
MSYSA Severe Weather Policy


Other Resources: CPR Resources First Aid Resources

If you would like to view presentations, documentation and articles regarding various risk management topics, please visit US Youth Soccer's Risk Management Resource Center.