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State Office Staff

Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, Inc

9401 General Drive, Suite 120, Plymouth, Michigan 48170

Phone: (734) 459-6220 Fax: (734) 459-6242 

E-mail: StateOffice@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

Executive Director l Thomas K. Faro l Ext. 205 l TFaro@michiganyouthsoccer.org

Director of Coaching l Paul Thomas l Ext. 208 l DOC@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

Asst. Dir. of Coaching l Mark Zathey l Ext. 210 l MZathey@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

Director of Events l Sarah Shiguango l Ext. 204 l sarah@michiganyouthsoccer.org

Director Member Services l Joel Dragan l Ext. 206 l JDragan@michiganyouthsoccer.org

Director of Programs l Josh Sherman l Ext. 207 l JSherman@michiganyouthsoccer.org

Program Coordinator l Tyler Zbik l Ext. 201 l TZbik@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

Administrative Asst. l Danielle Guzman l Ext. 203 l DGuzman@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

Accounting Manager l Lori Bederka l Ext. 209 l LBederka@michiganyouthsoccer.org 

ODP Administrator l Barb Sarkesian l Ext. 202 l BSarkesian@michiganyouthsoccer.org