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Recreational Director l
 David Newby, newbydb@netscape.net

Director of Coaching l Paul Thomas, doc@michiganyouthsoccer.org

2014 Kohl's American Cup MSYSA is pleased to announce that the Great Lakes Coed Soccer League will host the 2014 Kohl's American Cup for the third straight year! Read more...

To view photos of the recent Kohl's American Cup please click here.

MSYSA Online U5 & U6 Recreational Coaching Module - $25.00 (Pre-requisite: None) Register here

The purpose of this coaching curriculum is to help educate the novice U5 & U6 coach. We define the novice coach as someone who has limited or no experience working with players ages 4 and 5 years old. Many coaches have either played or coached at some ages but the U5 & U6 player is unique and to be a successful coach in this age group you will need a new skill set.

MSYSA In-Service Hours

MSYSA offers its member leagues an opportunity to receive three (3) hours of coaching education for FREE.

Each in-service coaching clinic includes both a classroom and field portion.  Each clinic focuses on the content from the U6, U8, U10 & U12 Recreational Coaching Modules.

Classroom Topics Include:

  • Understanding Your Players
  • Coaching Your Players
  • What to Teach Your Players
  • Practice Day
  • Game Day

Field Topics Include:

  • Age Appropriate Activity Demonstrations
  • Practice Progressions

To request an in-service coaching clinic please complete this form:  MSYSA In-Service Clinic Request Form

Other MSYSA Recreational Resources

MSYSA Instructional Resources
MSYSA In-Service Hours Vimeo Video
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Other Recreational Resources

Region II Age Group Weekly Recreational Lesson Plans

Fun Five Series U6 l 
View PDF l View on Issuu
Fun Five Series U8 l View PDF l View on Issuu
Fun Five Series U10 l View PDF l View on Issuu
Fun Five Series U11-U14 l View PDF l View on Issuu

Backyard Games

How to Use Technology to Teach

US Youth Soccer; How to Write A Training Session Plan

Anyone Can Fly, but It Takes a Pilot to Land, by Vince Ganzberg, US Youth Soccer Region II Grassroots

Rush Hour Training Sessions l U5-U8 Soccer Dribbling Sessions

Parent Resources for Soccer Coaching

Kick Out Bullying

The Referee and Parents

US Youth Soccer Help! I Volunteered to Coach