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Course Request Form

Please submit the form below for request to host an MSYSA Coaching Education Course.

  • Form must be submitted at least 3 months prior to requested start date of course.
  • Submission of the form does NOT guarantee a course.
  • All requests will be reviewed.
  • Selection will be based upon market demand.
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Name of Person Submitting request
Primary Email Contact
League/Club Affiliation
Facility Name
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Facility Contact Email
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Facility Address
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Contact Name during event
Requested Dates
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E License Requirements: At least 5 - 7 hrs of lecture (required seating, AV capabilities, Wifi) Minimum attendance: 15; Max attendance 30.D License Requirements: 40+ hrs of course work. At least 10-14 hrs of lecture (required seating, AV capabilities, Wifi) Minimum attendance: 20; Max attendance: 24.
Charges for facility (per hour or otherwise noted)
Any additional information you would like to add
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If Course is cancelled, the Host facility understands that MSYSA will not be responsible for any expenses incurred. Further, MSYSA will expect a refund in FULL for any said deposits.
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