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MSYSA ODP Goalkeeper Training Program

Frequently Asked Questions l Register for the MSYSA Goalkeeper Training Camp Here

What is the Goalkeeper Training Program?

The purpose of the MSYSA ODP GK Training Program is to help develop and improve the overall level of the MSYSA Goalkeeper. The Training Program is MANDATORY for all Goalkeepers selected into the Training Pool after TRYOUTS. It involves training sessions in the FALL, SPRING and of course additional training during the WINTER as separate Goalkeepers as well as with their age group teams. Our goal is to improve the level of the MSYSA ODP Goalkeeper through continued development during the soccer seasonal year. The expectations of the MSYSA ODP Goalkeeper are to train within the Goalkeeper Training Program. With continued progressive training, you will constantly be challenged to improve.

Does this mean I have made the ODP Team?

An invitation is NOT an indicator of status or selection for any individual ODP Age Group Team. This program is a supplement to the any other ODP and/or club, HS Training that you may be involved with as a goalkeeper. Again, the purpose of the program is to help develop and increase the level of the MSYSA Goalkeeper.

How are the Goalkeepers divided by training?

The curriculum will be divided based upon age; 14s and above and 13s and below. If necessary, some Goalkeepers will train with older and/ or younger players upon availability and technical needs.

Where are Fall and Spring Training Sites?

Training will be across 4 locations across the state, Grand Rapids, Mason, Canton and Oxford. Dates and Times mirror the ODP101 Program. Click here for training schedules.

What does the fee include?

All ODP Goalkeeper Training Sessions; 3x in the Fall, Winter Indoor Training, and 3X in the Spring. Summary, the fee includes at least 8x times of training as Goalkeepers plus any Winter Team Training. After the Winter Training, players will be selected for Regional Camp. Those Goalkeepers NOT selected are still WELCOME to train at the Goalkeeper Training Program.

There are no additional fees for the ODP Goalkeeper until FINAL Selection for Region Camp!

Any questions regarding the Goalkeeper Program, please contact Dan Diac, MSYSA ODP Goalkeeper Director, diac73@gmail.com