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'01, '02 & '03

ODP Intermediate Academy

Birth Year: 2001, 2002, 2003

Objective: Identify and develop the top players in Michigan by providing a developmental, competitive and challenging training environment. Players selected out of this player pool will represent Michigan at a sub regional event or tournament (TBD). This program will also expose our players to US Youth Soccer Association Regional Team and US National Team coaches.


  • Positional Understanding
  • Technical Development
  • Movement Reinforcement
  • Combination Play


  • Bright, Creative & Intelligent Players
  • Transfer Skill to 11 v 11
  • Excellent Decision Makers
  • Technically Gifted

The Intermediate Academy Program is divided into three subsections:

  • Identification Weekend
  • Winter Pool Training
  • State Team Training & Games

Identification: August 1st & 3rd

This weekend will split into four different training sessions, two practices per day. The objective for the coaching staff is to train the players who attend, while identifying the players they feel should move into the winter training pool. The size of the training pool will be between 40 to 50 players, including goalkeepers. The number invited into the training pool depends on the quality of the players at the ID weekend.

Winter Training Pool: November, December, January, February & March

The winter training pool will practice four times over the winter, ideally once per month. Ideally in this section we will also participate in a sub regional tournament or game day, this is TBD. Each training day will consist of two 1.5 hour training sessions (GK's will also participate in a GK specific training session). The goal for the coaching staff in this section is to provide a competitive practice environment where they can train and develop players. As part of this process the coaches will identify players to form two state teams. One team will consist of younger birth dates (July to December) and the other an older team (January to June).  Each teams will have 16 field players and 2 goalkeepers.

Please note, GK's will not be selected on a younger / older basis, we will select the top four GK's in the pool along with one alternate.

Why do we choose younger & older teams?

We identify players as younger and older groups within the same age group due to the physical and psycho-social development differences that can be found within the same birth year in these age groups. Some players will be early developers, while some will be late. It is important that we do not choose players purely on physical attributes, but take into consideration the technical, tactical and psycho-social components.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • Coaching: We choose from the best coaches in Michigan.
  • Training Environment: Train with a high level of players, which makes training faster & more challenging.
  • Exposure to US Youth Soccer Regional Coaches & National Team Coaches.


  • ID Weekend: $100 (includes two Under Armour training t-shirts & 6.5 hours of training)
  • Indoor Training & Games: $200 (includes 12 hours of indoor training & potential games)
  • State Team Programming: TB A (this will depend on the event)

*These costs outlined are based on previous years. We do not expect this to change, however, it is a possibility.

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