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#MiMoment Stories

#MiMoment l GVSU Champs! 
#MiMoment l Crew DA Season Starts! 


"U11 Girls won the Abby Rubenson Cup on 9/28 in double OT and PKs! This was an extra special victory since Abby was on their team and they lost her this summer to cancer. This picture shows their tough side!"

#MiMoment l Off to a 3-0 Start this Fall! 
 #MiMoment l Legacy Under The Lights!
 #MiMoment l Soccer in the Sand!
 WAZA Cover Picture Facebook
 #MiMoment l 2013 GRCJ Champions!
 Amy A.

Soccer Player

twitter "#MiMoment is scoring 6 goals at the first game my mom watched that season! One goal while being goalie!"
 #MiMoment l Friends at Crew Cup!
 Alex Harper

Coach with the PSG Gators '99

"Premier soccer group I'm new to this league/club. However I love coaching youth soccer! My true reward is watching the expressions when a child knows they have had his or her moment! Though new to PSG gators/nova I can already see the great things to come ahead! Well ran organization with the up most professional group of coaches, managers and directors! It's no wonder why they have held so many championships! I'm excited to begin the new fall season and even more excited to watch those "ah-ha" player moments! It's why we invest ourselves in this great sport!!! Each player has his/her own talent and watching them believe in what we see/is a huge gift! Have a great season to all Michigan youth soccer players! Enjoy the journey and believe in yourself and each other!!!"
 #MiMoment l Girl Happy Face!
Amy Grzymkowski

President, CW3 Soccer Association

"The CW3 Extreme U13 Red Team is a very special group of young men. Comprised of players from the Commerce, Walled Lake, Wixom, and Wolverine Lake Area, this team has gone beyond all our expectations. They have taken soccer in our area to the next level by their play and through their service. Over the past year, the team won the Cincinnati United Elite Invitational, were finalists in the Indy Burn Cup, won our MSPSP Fall season, and were finalists in the MSYSA State Cup. The qualities that make them great players on the pitch are also shown in their service off the pitch. This fall, our boys volunteered to help at the local bone marrow drive, boxed up meals to feed the homeless, participated in an 18 week leadership study in preparation for a 10 day soccer mission/service trip where the boys worked in a soup kitchen, tutored inner city kids at an after-school program in Cincinnati, ran a mini-soccer camp and helped with landscaping for the grand opening of a new recreational center in downtown Cincinnati. The CW3 Extreme U13 Red Team is a shining example to the community and their soccer peers."
#MiMoment l CW3
 #MiMoment l Bundle Up, It's Cold!

Robert Cheyne

Under 11 Girls Chill SBC

 twitter "My Under 11 Girls through to the Junior State Cup Semi Finals!"
#MiMoment l Through to the Jr. State Cup Semifinals!
 #MiMoment l Victory!
 #MiMoment l Fun in the Sand!

Jenifer W.

Parent of the Waza East '99 Juniors

"This is our first year with WAZA East '99 Juniors. The boys had just won the Semifinals in Saginaw and were moving on to the Finals! This was my mother-son moment with my son! I'll never forget it!"
#MiMoment l Moving On To The Finals!
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 #MiMoment l Celebrating a Win!

Fraser Soccer Club

"Fraser Soccer Club is not just about soccer - it's about community, leadership, sportsmanship, and heart. I have had the honor of watching many coaches and players give their time to others willingly. Regardless of it being to help mentor younger players or to help Fraser Parks and Rec with an adult special needs program, there is a willingness and eagerness to help. On and off the field these players and coaches show their heart and leadership skills to the local community. I am very proud of each one of them." Submit Your Moment
 #MiMoment l Blocking a Shot!
 #MiMoment l Defending State & Regional Champs!

Connor Williams


"I give a standing ovation to the level of class and sportsmanship displayed by the SOCS Force Club in tonight's State Cup game. Not only did they play with a lot of heart, they showed the utmost respect for their opponents and for the officials. Their coaches were positive and encouraging throughout the match with the kids. They didn't blame anyone or take their frustrations out on others - they simply played the game from the first to the final whistle." Submit Your Moment
 #MiMoment l Give It Everything You've Got!

Rich Carron

GPSA Coach

"Canton Cup Champions! Very proud of the GPSA Salvo U16 Boys as they won the Canton Cup Championship in overtime! Playing past many team injuries and really working together these boys have shown great heart and determination. Your parents, coach and club are very proud of you all! Job Well Done!"
#MiMoment l Canton Cup Champions!
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#MiMoment l Champions! 
#MiMoment l Quote

Norm Lentine


"The U17 Boys Fraser Flyers have been playing together in the Fraser S.C. since 2005. Of the 15 players currently on the roster, 14 of them play on the Fraser High School Varsity soccer team together. The boys have been playing really good soccer lately, They were undefeated in the MYSL last spring and have wont tournament championships in Chicago and Columbus the last two seasons. 

While they are enjoying success  on the field, the greatest strength of the team may be the friendships between both the players and their families. The boys grew up together playing on the same basketball, baseball, football and soccer teams. The families get together on a regular basis for dinners, parties and even vacations. The team has learned many life lessons from playing the sport of soccer and they have built long-lasting friendships that they will remember forever."
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#MiMoment l Taking Our First Kick of the Season!
 #MiMoment l Three Years of Development

Force Soccer Club

Club Affiliated Via W.M.Y.S.A.

Force Soccer Club Celebrates 30 Years of Youth Soccer! Youth soccer club celebrates 30 years of soccer in the same year as the world looks forward to the World Cup in Brazil. Plainwell, MI: Founded in 1984 by one of their current coaches Doug Beauregard as "The Plainwell Force Girls Soccer Club" the Force Soccer Club is celebrating 30 years of soccer in Southwestern Michigan! To celebrate Force players will wear a special 30th year anniversary logo on their uniforms for the 2014/15 seasons. Read more... Submit Your Moment
   #MiMoment l Rock, Paper, Scissors!
 #MiMoment l My Son's GK Season!

Shelly Watkins

Parent (Carpathia Kickers) & Former Player & Coach

"Where's your place? I think everyone has a place. A place you go to when things get tough, sad, stressful. A place where when you close your eyes, you are far away from the current state of affairs. Maybe you stay for a brief moment, a quick getaway to get you back on track. Or maybe you stay as long as you can, recalling all of the sights and sounds and smells of that place. 

I have one such place from my soccer life and it's SO SWEET. It was the summer of 1994 when the World Cup was in Detroit and I was working as Competition Manager for the Organizing Committee. The Swedish national team was practicing at the lower field at Oakland University, their chosen training site while in Detroit. Their training was "closed", meaning neither the public nor the media could attend. There were just a few of us there, our security director, a medical office, Gary Parsons and a few other OU guys. 

I sat alone on the grassy hill on the far side of the field and remember feeling so lucky to be there. I was extremely busy that night (THE WORLD CUP WAS IN TOWN!) but i was absolutely conscious of the fact that this was a special moment to savor.

It was around 8:00pm and the day had been hot. The sun was beginning to set behind OU's campus and a slight breeze began to push the humidity away. I marveled at the brilliant green pitch that almost seemed to glow. 

We worked so hard on that field and now it was near perfect. It was surreal to watch the Swedish players train. Henrik Larsson, Martin Dahlin, keeper Thomas Ravelli all doing the exact same drills and runs we've all done as kids, and have coached as coaches. Same but different...these guys were warming up for the biggest games of their lives. Sweden would advance to the quarterfinals and beat Romania in San Francisco - but they didn't know it yet. They would play a tough semifinal match against Brazil, but would not see the Rose Bowl finals. But we didn't know it yet.

My place had a wonderful, private view of the best soccer players in the world. IT smelled of just-cut grass and was as perfect as perfect can be. I sat in soccer heaven for 60 minutes taking it all in. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I heard a sweet, smooth sound coming from the east. And just like the Grind when he hears the Whos down in Whoville, the sound started in low and it started to grow. The music was coming from Meadowbrook's amphitheater. It floated through the woods, over our field and into my place. It was Ray Charles live singing "Georgia on my Mind" and it was amazing. After a slight case of the goosebumps, I smiled and laughed as I laid back on the grass. "This is the life," I thought as this is my place."
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 #MiMoment l Fun at the Canton Cup!
 #MiMoment l Plymouth Kids in WSSL!
 #MiMoment l Beating The Last Defender!