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To navigate this module, use the CHAPTER buttons located on the right of the screen.  You may jump immediately to any chapter or follow the chapter modules sequentially.  The chapter you are currently working on with be represented by a flag.  A chapter you have completed will be represented by a soccer ball.

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As you work through the pages in a chapter, the NEXT button will take you to the next page in the chapter and the PREVIOUS button will take you back to the previous page.

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Fair Hearings
Member Organization Responsibilities
Receipt of Misconduct Report
Receipt of Complaint
Rights of the Parties
Notification of Hearing
Selecting A Committee
Hearing Preparation
Hearing Procedures
Determining the Result
Notification of Findings
The Right to Appeal
Sample: Hearing Notification Letter
Sample: New Materials Letter
Sample: Decision Letter
Sample: Meeting Room Set Up
Sample: Committee Request