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Program Overview


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The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was created in 1977 with a purpose of identifying players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis for US Soccer National Teams.

MSYSA currently offers three different Olympic Development Programs; 101 Beginner Academy, Goalkeeper Academy and Advanced Academy.

2016 ODP Pathway MSYSA USE

Please note, the 2005 age group will not participate in the traditional ODP due to the Region 2 ID Camps, Teams and Events not starting until 2017.

The ODP Academy is the traditional ODP.  This program is designed for elite travel players who have aspirations to be identified for the Region 2 and National Teams.

The 101 Beginner Academy is designed to provide additional training opportunities to competitive/travel players seeking new challenges and to help identify the level of youth soccer players within Michigan.  Training will be focused on developing the players technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social ability through the MSYSA's ODP age appropriate player curriculum.

The Goalkeeper Academy is designed to provide a professional training environment for youth goalkeepers from around Michigan. Training will be focused on developing the goalkeeper through the MSYSA's ODP age appropriate curriculum. This program will also be used to help identify and select goalkeepers to join the ODP training pools.