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2017 Admin. Workshop

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The Michigan State Youth Soccer Association is pleased to announce that an Administrator's Workshop has been scheduled for Saturday, November 11, 2017 at the Detroit Marriott in Livonia, Michigan. The MSYSA Administrator's Workshop is FREE for all MSYSA members, and is designed to provide relevant information to members in either an instructional or roundtable environment.

The MSYSA Administrator's Workshop will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2017 and will be hosted at the Detroit Marriott in Livonia located at 1700 Laurel Park Drive North, Livonia, Michigan 48152. For more information about the Detroit Marriott (Livonia) please click here.

To register for the 2017 MSYSA Admin. Workshop click here! (Registration ends October 20, 2017)

If you are interested in attending this free event, please register before October 20, 2017. If you'd like to reserve a room for the Administrator's Workshop, please contact the Detroit Marriott (Livonia) prior to October 20, 2017 and mention 'Michigan State Youth Soccer' to receive the preferred room rate of $89/night (Standard King) or $99/night (Double/Double). You can contact the hotel directly at (734) 462-3100.

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Press Release l 2017 MSYSA Administrator's Workshop

2017 MSYSA Workshop l Session Synopsis

 2017 MSYSA Administrator's Workshop Synopsis of Sessions


Foyer of the Meeting Rooms l Check-In (Please ensure you have your ticket available either in e-ticket or printed format)


Social Media Tips, Tricks and more! Presented by Tyler Zbik, MSYSA Program Coordinator (Salon A) If you or your club/league haven't started an online social media presence, this session is for you! If you or your club/league aren't sure where to take your online media presence after starting your accounts, this session is for you! This session will guide you through the various social media platforms and how it benefits your club and how best to utilize each platform!

Sex Abuse Education & Training/Overview of Initiative! Presented by Joel Dragan, MSYSA Director of Member Services (Salon B) On May 2, 2017, MSYSA's governing body, US Youth Soccer, announced that they will be providing sexual abuse awareness training for the membership. A few months after the program's announcement, many of the US Youth Soccer State Associations signed up and provided positive feedback on its potential impact on the well-being and safety of their members. US Youth Soccer State Associations have access to screening forms and Skillful Screening Training at no additional charge. It is the responsibility of each State Soccer Association to implement its respective screening efforts. Michigan will provide an overview of the program and how it affects Michigan in this season!

Coaching Education License Pathway Updates! Presented by Mark Zathey, MSYSA State Technical Director (Salon C) Discover the license course pathway changes that are effective with the United States Soccer Federation in January 2018. Course offerings and more will be addressed as well as upcoming program changes to better service the coaching education needs within the State of Michigan! This session will also outline the various educational offerings currently available by MSYSA including FREE ONLINE COACHING MODULES!


SPECIAL PRESENTER! Coaches & W2s versus 1099s! Presented by Jackie Slezak, AccessPoint Business Consultant (Salon A) AccessPoint, a Michigan-based company, will provide you with an overview of what the difference is between an employee who is considered '1099' or one that is 'W2'. Additionally, an expert in this field from AccessPoint will guide you through how to achieve the path that is best for you and your club/league so that you can fully understand the best course of action. For more information on AccessPoint visit http://apteam.com/.

Starting A Soccer Across America Program! Presented by Joel Dragan, MSYSA Director of Member Services (Salon B) Soccer Across America program is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to youngsters living in communities not yet served by existing clubs and leagues! Focused on making soccer available to lower-income children in underserved communities, Soccer Across America provides soccer training and administrative guidance to players and organizations who might otherwise not be exposed to the sport of soccer. Learn how you can start a Soccer Across America Program within your club or community in this session!

Olympic Development Program (ODP) & Youth Development Program Overview, Updates and more! Presented by Josh Sherman, MSYSA Director of Programs (Salon C) What is ODP? What is Youth Development 101? IS it right for my son or daughter? This session will provide the structural changes to ODP and Youth Development 101 and how it positively affects future participants and their soccer careers! We are very excited to be offering this unique session as it pertains to the players seeking a new challenge in their playing career! Club Directors of Coaching and Leagues are more than welcome to attend this session!


Recreational Round Table & Best Practices! Presented by the MSYSA Board of Directors, including but not limited to, Doug Prim (MSYSA West District Commissioner) & Dan McEvilly (MSYSA Recreational Director) (Salon A) Bringing recreational coaches, administrators and parents together to discuss best practices and more! This session will offer some ideas and suggestions on what recreational clubs can do to enhance their current offerings or start a new service! Additionally, MSYSA's recently launched website, www.playsoccermi.com, will be reviewed as it can better assist recreational member clubs in branding and marketing!

SPECIAL PRESENTER! Renovation & Restoration! Keeping your soccer fields dry with Parjana! Presented by Roy Cole, President/COO of Parjana (Salon B) MSYSA is pleased to welcome Parjana as the Official Field Restoration Company of MSYSA! Parjana, a Michigan-based company has developed an energy-passive groundwater recharge product that assists with the maintenance and preservation of landscapes across the United States including soccer fields! This session will provide you with an overview of the product, company and how it can help maintain your soccer fields! For more information about Parjana visit http://parjanadistribution.com/.

Director's Academy Program (Reviews, Changes and more!) Presented by Sarah Shiguango, MSYSA Director of Events (Salon C) After another yearlong season, the Director's Academy has made structural changes that reflect input from club directors of coaching and other coaches within the Director's Academy program to better service the teams and clubs that participate in the Director's Academy program. This hour long session will cover how the coaching license requirements, club review process and must-play weekend requirements are changing and when the changes will be effective.


SPECIAL PRESENTER! Transitioning from 1099 employees to W2 employees! Presented by Jackie Slezak, AccessPoint Business Consultant (Salon A) Various regulations and requirements set forth by the State of Michigan and/or the IRS help determine certain employees. However, at times, it may be difficult to determine which identification (1099 or W2) is more beneficial for you and your club. AccessPoint will provide you with an overview of the benefits and challegnes of each and provide you with an expert that can guide you or your club/league in the right direction. For more information on AccessPoint visit http://apteam.com/.

Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) League Information & Updates! Presented by Tyler Zbik, MSYSA Program Coordinator (Salon B) Join the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program (MSPSP) Board and Staff as they welcome new coaches and current members to the Premier Soccer Program, as they will be address relevant updates and information for the upcoming season!

Member Benefits: Insurance Coverage with MSYSA and its members! Presented by Josh Sherman, MSYSA Director of Programs (Salon C) In this session, MSYSA will explain the various types of insurance that are offered to members of MSYSA. Attendees will gain knowledge of MSYSA's liability coverage, Director's and Officer's Coverage, Tournament Insurance, Indoor Insurance and more! This session will also cover inclement weather information and procedures as well as goal safety!


SPECIAL PRESENTER! Grants, Team Fan Wear and more with Dick's Sporting Goods Team HQ! Presented by Dick's Sporting Goods Community Managers! (Salon A) Dick's Sporting Goods Team Sports HQ, a proud supporter of MSYSA, is the only all-in-one service that equips and supports youth leagues with everything they needs to succeed. From online registration and websites, customized uniforms and fan wear to donations and sponsorships, representatives from Dick's Sporting Goods will explain how your organization can take advantage of the resources that are provided to teams in our community! More information on Dick's Sporting Goods Community Program can be found at http://teamsportshq.com/!

Online Registration Software: Training and an overview of GOTSoccer updates and more! Presented by Joel Dragan, MSYSA Director of Member Services (Salon B) Join MSYSA in this round-table session to learn how to streamline your league/club registration processes and take it to the next level with online registration. This workshop session will focus on reviewing advanced features and functions of GOTSoccer beyond the registration basics, and we will address many of your questions regarding GOTSoccer.

SPECIAL PRESENTER! Take your club, tournament and more online and paperless with Sports Forms! Presented by Michael Brown, President of Sports Forms! (Salon C) Make document collection easy! Hear how to plan for next season to streamline documentation collection for a host of registration documentations including but not limited to, codes of conduct, waivers and more! Anything you currently collect can be done electronically! Sports Forms provides a safe; secure online method for streamlining player registration and documentation collection at all levels of soccer! Sports Forms takes your current (paper) document and digitizes them, allowing parents, players, coaches team managers, etc. the ability to sign them electronically from any web browser (even tablets and smartphones!). No more collecting paper documents! Completed documents are stored electronically and made available immediately! More information on Sports Forms can be found at www.sportsforms.club!