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 MSYSA Names Parjana as Official Field Restoration Company of MSYSA!

The Michigan State Youth Soccer Association is pleased to welcome Parjana Company as the Official Field Restoration Company of MSYSA! Parjana, a Michigan-based company has developed an energy-passive groundwater recharge product that assists with the maintenance and preservation of landscapes across the United States including soccer fields by helping reduce water drainage concerns and more! 

“We look forward to promoting our relationship with Parjana,” said Tom Faro, MSYSA Executive Director. Parjana represents innovation and is a top source for a green solution in water management for fields.”

“Parjana infiltrate standing water on soccer fields and help create better playing conditions for the players and teams,” said Roy Cole, President, COO of Parjana.

Parjana has a wealth of information available through their website, http://parjanadistribution.com/ that includes the outline of their low-impact design, paradigm shifting technology, green technology and water management solutions. Additionally, you can download their company brochure here.

 About Parjana

Parjana® is a proud Michigan-based innovation company and holds the patent and the license for worldwide distribution rights to the innovative water management product called the EGRP®. (Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Product). Parjana® is working to help solve the world’s water challenges. We are delivering solutions for water management, and our approach is unique as it involves detecting the problem, analyzing environment variables and designing a solution that adapts to your needs and specifications through the means of working with nature on a molecular level. For more information about Parjana, visit http://parjanadistribution.com/