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2020 Annual General Meeting

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The 2020 MSYSA Annual General Meeting date and location will be announced soon.

When: TBD

Where: TBD

 Hotel Rooms & Rates


2020 AGM Schedule of Events (Meeting Room Map)
Registration & Member Services Meeting l 6:00pm-7:00pm l TBD                                MSYSA Awards Ceremony l 7:00pm - 9:30pm l TBD
Breakfast & AGM Registration l 8:00am - 8:30am l TBD
MSYSA Board of Director's Meeting l 8:00am - 8:30am l TBD
MSYSA Annual General Meeting l 8:30am l TBD
MSYSA District Caucus Meetings:
Metro East District - TBD
Metro Central District - TBD
Metro Southwest District - TBD
North District  - TBD
West District - TBD

2020 MSYSA Annual General Meeting Resources
2020 MSYSA AGM Book
2020 AGM Call to Meet
2020 AGM Meeting Rules
2020 AGM Agenda
2020 AGM RSVP Form - Due TBD
2020 AGM Awards Ceremony Ticket Order Form - TBD
2020 AGM Proxy Statement - Due TBD
2020 MSYSA Nominating Committee Report
Memo: Proposing Bylaw Amendments or Proposing Rule Changes  l Second Notice
Memo: MSYSA Nomination Forms Available  l Second Notice
Propose Bylaw Amendments or Rule Changes - Due 10/15/19
Make an MSYSA Nomination - Due 11/1/19
Candidate Information Dissemination Policy

2020 MSYSA Board Positions to be Elected:
MSYSA President Job Description 
MSYSA Treasurer Job Description 
MSYSA Recreational Director Job Description 
MSYSA District Commissioner Job Description

2020 MSPSP Board Positions to be Elected:
MSPSP Vice Chairperson-Registrar 
MSPSP Statistician Job Description 
MSPSP Commissioner Job Description

Previous Year's Annual General Meeting
2019 MSYSA Annual General Meeting Minutes & AGM Minutes Committee Approval