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USSF International Hosting Update 2.16.22

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Tournament Sanctioning:

MSYSA provides sanctioned tournaments general liability insurance at no cost. All MSYSA affiliated teams who participate in MSYSA sanctioned tournaments will also be provided secondary medical insurance*. Any/all teams not affiliated with MSYSA must provide or carry their own medical insurance to MSYSA sanctioned tournaments. MSYSA strongly recommends that its sanctioned tournaments require that non-MSYSA teams show proof of medical insurance. For US Youth Soccer affiliated teams, a Permission to Travel or Notification form approved by their home state association is usually sufficient.

*Secondary medical insurance extended to affiliated tournaments and their participants WILL NOT cover any potential COVID-related claims as COVID is considered an illness and not an injury or accident.

SANCTIONING DEADLINE: Tournament Sanctioning materials with payment are due by February 1st each year. Sanctioning requests/materials received after the deadline will be subject to nonrefundable late fees. 

 The cost of tournament sanctioning is $400 per year ($250 application/processing fee + $150 Sanctioning Bond). Sanctioning requests made after February 1st are $900 ($400 fee + $500 late fee). 
Following the completion of your tournament, you will have 15 days to submit post tournament report. If you are able to submit your fully-completed post tournament reports within that time-frame, the $150 Sanctioning Bond will be returned. The post tournament report form is located at the bottom of this page.

SANCTIONED TOURNAMENT ADVERTISING: All tournaments receive a complimentary listing on The Tournament Center website. Additionally, tournaments may purchase advertising medias through MSYSA (i.e. Website exposure, E-mail Blasts, Mailing Lists, Magazine Advertisements, etc.). Contact Ryan Theisen for more information about advertising opportunities.

 Click here for Policies, Procedures, and a Checklist


Apply for Tournament Sanctioning
How to Submit an Online Sanctioning Application - NEW tournaments
How to Submit an Online Sanctioning Application - PREVIOUSLY SANCTIONED 
Pay for Tournament Sanctioning

MSYSA Tournament Rules Template (Word Doc) (updated 1.7.21)


As of February 15, 2022, US Soccer has updated their international teams hosting application to be completely online. For instructions please click here.

Click here to complete the post tournament report. If you are able to submit your fully-completed post tournament reports within that time-frame, the $150 Sanctioning Bond will be returned.

TOURNAMENT ONLY TEAMS:  Click here for information and submission instructions.