Guest & Player Forms

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Individual Out of State League Play

Individual Out of State League Form.  
Online payment for Individual Out of State League Play, click here.
Email completed form to

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. 

Out-of-State players should not use the MSYSA guest player form.  Please visit the US Youth Soccer State Association you reside within.

Guest Player for Tournament
MSYSA Guest Player 
The Tournament Center

Processed by The Tournament Center, use the Guest Player form when a player residing in Michigan will be playing in a tournament as a guest player for a team they are not normally registered to. 

1.  The MSYSA approved Guest Player Loan Form (see above)
2.  Color 'headshot' photo in 'jpeg' format
3.  Player proof of birth (state ID, license, birth certificate, passport, etc)
4.  $20 payment for each Guest Player Passcard requested (Click here to pay online), 

Or mail to (with payment):
MSYSA, Attn: Julie Pearson
9401 General Dr. Suite 120 
PlymouthMI 48170

Players who are currently registered on a team and already have a valid Passcard with that team will only need to complete the Guest Player Loan Form. No payment or additional materials are required as they will not need a Guest Player Passcard - the player will use their Passcard from their original team.

To obtain a Guest Player Passcard  - which is needed if the player DOES NOT have a current valid Passcard - complete the following steps and email the below items to:

Julie Pearson, 

You may also bring the forms to the State Office during normal business hours (8a-5p) to have a card issued. Please call ahead to give us notice if you plan to come to the office to obtain the guest passcard in-person. 

Guest player passcards will not be procured if any of the above criteria are not present.

Please allow 1-2 business days for the processing of Guest Player Passcards. 

Notification To Travel(Traveling outside of Michigan for a tournament)
Notification to Travel (processed by The Tournament Center) Form required when traveling out of Michigan for a tournament.  Those who don't have an assigned "Team ID" simply enter "MSYSA" where applicable.

Tournament Only Teams:  
A Tournament Only Team is a team for the sole purpose of playing in tournament(s). All standard player registration and team rostering rules apply including age eligibility, roster size and coach requirements. Tournament only teams are valid for the seasonal year; expiring on July 31st.

Tournament Only Team Includes:
• MSYSA “Official” Approved Roster
• Player Passcards
• Team Official(s) Passcards
• Insurance

1. Create the desired team as you would in GotSoccer under your club account. Do not list the team in any 'event'. MSYSA will move the team into the 'Tournament Only Team' event to after the below steps are completed. **If you do not have access to a GotSoccer club account, please contact Julie Pearson**
2. Proof of Birth for each player (e.g.: Birth Certificate, State Issued ID, Passport). Scan all players’ proof of birth in alphabetical order as one document in pdf format only.  
3. Upload a color photo of each player in GotSoccer in their player profiles.
4. Parent/Athlete Acknowledgement Form for all players on the roster. Please scan signed forms for all players in alphabetical order as one document in pdf format only. Link to form: Click Here
5. Heads-Up Concussion Training Completion Certificate for any Team Official to be named on the roster. The Heads –Up Training video can be found on our website under > Risk Management > Concussion Information & Protection > Heads-Up Concussion Training Video.  Safe Sport online training must be completed and copy of certificate provided with other documentation. Heads-Up Concussion training and Safe Sport can be completed through your coach or manager account.
6. Valid Risk Management card for all team officials on the roster.
7. $150.00 payment paid by check, cash or credit card. To pay online using a credit card click here.
8. Submit all above items to Passcards and Official Roster will be emailed out upon completion. Please allow a minimum of one-week turnaround time.

Please keep in mind:
• Players appearing on a Tournament Only roster can appear on other team/club rosters
• Tournament Only Teams are not valid for league play/participation.
• Tournament Only Player Passcards cannot be used as a “Club Passcarded” or “Guest Passcarded” player for league games.
• Tournament Only Teams may use Guest Players.
• Tournament Only Teams traveling to out of state tournaments must complete the online submission for a Notification to Travel.
• Team Officials (Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager) must have Risk Management and HeadsUp! Completion Certificate.

Players can be added to or released from Tournament Only Teams after the team's creation. Contact Julie Pearson,

Youth Participation in Adult/Senior Games RegistrationPrintable Form
Please email the completed form to

International Clearance
International clearance is required for any player aged 10 and up who was either born outside the US or has previously registered to play soccer outside the United States. U.S. Soccer is responsible for properly obtaining that clearance on behalf of these players before they can register and participate.

Due to recent changes associated with ITC requirements, International Clearance is now only required for players registering within a club with a professional affiliation. More information on these new ITC changes can be found here

The chart below helps with selecting which process should be used depending on the player's age and circumstances.

Click on the Process link to obtain the list of supporting documents for submission.
Click on the Form name to download the form for completion.  

International clearance forms and supporting documents are submitted by email to MSYSA at MSYSA will pass along on to U.S. Soccer.  The player's name and DOB (date of birth) must be in the email subject line.

  Living in U.S.       Prior to Age 10   Moved to U.S.            after age 10    
was never registered
outside of U.S.
Previously registered outside of U.S.
Age 10-17               US Citizen  Prior to 10 Process
Form: P10 3-15 
First Registration
Form: FR-11
Minors Process
Form: ITC 5-11
Age 10-17           Non-U.S. Citizen Prior to 10 Process
Form: P10 3-15
Minors Process
Form: ITC 5-11
Minors Process
Form: ITC 5-11
Age 18 + Prior to 10 Process
Form: P10 3-15
First Registration
Form: FR-11
ITC Request 
Form: AR 3-03








Exchange Student Exception Process

FIFA Player Application Guide - Minors Process Exceptions

For additional information please visit The Transfer Process page of the US Soccer website.

Other related forms that may be requested: 
Parent Consent to Travel Form l Medical Release Form l USSF Application for Foreign Travel | USSF Ted Stevens Act l Players Code of Conduct Agreement Registration Waiver & Disclaimer Form Parent & Athlete Concussion Form