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National League Conferences

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About the US Youth Soccer Leagues Program

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, the new US Youth Soccer Leagues Program commenced. Since then, the USYS Leagues Program has changed and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of youth soccer. Currently, there is a network of 13 geographic conferences. Michigan teams play in either the Midwest Conference or Great Lakes Conference. It is expected that all girls teams participate in the Midwest Conference. Boys teams may select a conference, but they will remain in that conference for subsequent seasons. The conferences have ties to the National Championship Series. For more information about how the Leagues program works, please go to the US Youth Soccer website.

NEWUSYS Leagues Formats & Showcases - Updated April 23, 2020
           USYSA Leagues Formats & Showcase Visual Explanation

Teams from Michigan who are interested in participation in one of the conferences will need to submit an application to MSYSA seeking endorsement. MSYSA is limited in the number of teams that can be endorsed in a given age/gender group. See the Endorsement Criteria below for how endorsement decisions are made.

Application Information:
There are TWO (2) applications that must be submitted if a team wishes to be considered for one of the League conferences:

1. MSYSA/GotSoccer Application
2. US Youth Soccer League Conferences Application

Both applications and program fees must be submitted by the deadlines listed below. These deadlines may vary slightly from the US Youth Soccer deadlines, so please review carefully. 

Fees (Per Team):
$650 (per season) program fees - due at the time of application
$425 team registration fees - due at the time of team registration
Teams who apply for one of the League Conferences but who are not endorsed or who are not accepted into the program will receive a full refund. Teams who apply, are endorsed, but later withdraw will not receive a refund of any kind.

Links & Documents:
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