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The Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has initiated a targeted grassroots communications campaign. MSYSA wants to hear from our members on their 'Moments' in youth soccer that have been fun, memorable and exciting! The #MiMoment campaign is intended to connect soccer fans, parents, players and coaches from across the state. To further promote youth soccer here in Michigan, and the moments that bring soccer communities together, we want you to share with us your favorite moments during the season with the hastag #MiMoment via Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook!#MiMoment l Your Stories, Your Moments

From your first practice, to your first game as a parent to coaching a great game or scoring your first goal, share the special moments with the MSYSA Soccer Community

Join other supporters of the #MiMoment campaign by downloanding the MSYSA #MiMoment app by clicking here!

You may also upload your moments (with photo and video) through the MSYSA website by clicking here!

Read Community Submitted #MiMoments by clicking here!

'Our sport is so great from the friendships that evolve over the years to the sense of community it promotes. There are many special moments and stories out there that we are not aware of. We want to hear about them and we want to share them!" said Tom Faro, Executive Director of MSYSA. 'The #MiMoment campaign is about celebrating special stories and moments with others.'

Be sure to check out at MSYSA Tournaments & Events photo booths with MSYSA logos and tournament logos to take photos and submit online using the hashtag #MiMoment!

Remember, supporters can send personalized stories, team cheers, or 'best of luck' wishes directly to their favorite player, coach or team by using #MiMoment.

From small details to spectacular achievements, let's tell everyone what #MiMoment is!