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2020-21 101 Beginner Academy (Birth Year '09-'13)

2020 - 2021: ODP 101 Beginner Academy Information

Birth Years: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013

Register for the 2020-2021 ODP 101 Beginner Academy Program Here*
~Registration for each site closes 1 week prior to the seasonal start date~

*For participation in the 2020-21 ODP 101 Beginner Academy, MSYSA requires that parents complete the MSYSA Youth Waiver (COVID-19) form on behalf of their child. Parents should email completed form(s) to Brandon Francis, MSYSA Programs Coordinator. MSYSA reserves the right to deny participation of any child who does not have this waiver completed and on-file with MSYSA. Registration will not be complete until this form is completed and submitted. 

2020-21 ODP 101 & GK Academy Schedule

ODP 101 Player Videos

Objective: The MSYSA ODP 101 Beginner Academy Program is designed to provide additional training opportunities to competitive/travel players seeking new challenges and to help identify the level of youth soccer players within Michigan. Training will be focused on developing the players technical, tactical, physical and psycho-social ability.

101 focuses & outcomes 2

Program Options & Costs

 FULL YEAR = $250.00 HALF YEAR = $175.00 ONE SEASON = $100.00
Includes: Winter, Spring & Summer               Includes: Winter & Spring, Winter & Summer, or Spring & Summer   Choose any season: Winter, Spring, or Summer 

Facility Maps:
 Ann Arbor l Brighton l Canton l Grand Rapids l Kalamazoo  
                         Rochester | Royal Oak - Quickstad Park 

For questions relating to ODP 101 Beginner Academy, please contact Brandon Francis.

  • Subject to change with or without notice.